0 Shavvy Razors for Britto | ROSPROMDESIGN

We’ve designed the Shavvy Razors for Britto, to match the innovative retail approach of the company.

  • Reinvented razor shape: From T to I shape
  • Designed to be slim: Envelope < Parcel
  • Designed to be easily customized: New graphical flavor every week
  • Super compact to store: Save on logistics
  • Antibacterial treated: Safe to use out of the box
  • Targets the younger auditory: Breaking trend

Shavvy razors are fresh, innovative and cool. Get yours now!

BRITTO_SHAVVY_V01_27-01-2016_02.jpg BRITTO_SHAVVY_V01_27-01-2016.jpg BRITTO_SHAVVY_V01_27-01-2016_03.jpg BRITTO_SHAVVY_V01_27-01-2016_04.jpg BRITTO_SHAVVY_V01_27-01-2016_05.jpg