We’ve designed the Timeflip foldable smart IOT object as the haptic universal switch, which is set up as the time tracker by default. However, any action can be assigned to any of its faces. Here’s how it works:

  • Fold it with its computing module inside to form the three-dimensional object
  • It can be any geometrical object but it comes as the dodecahedron by default
  • Assign tasks to any face by tagging them with a marker or sticker
  • Sync with your phone’s app
  • Switch between the tasks by rotating the object
  • It counts the time it stays on each side
  • Timeflip app collects object’s data and presents it to you as an infographics

It’s uniqueness is in its flat whole shape, which is foldable, and assembles as the 3D object, so it’s easily produced and customized.
And it creates very nice user experience, too.

Dode_Bent_Module_06.png Octa_Bent_Module_04.png Dode_Bent_Module_01.png Cube_Bent_Module_04.png