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The Inverted drone concept is based on the research of the usual drone setups and ways to overcome them.

Every drone has the body and the guard. The guard is oblige-able by the security reasons, to protect people from the propellers, the body is  oblige-able by the common logic of having an enclosure of all the components of the drone.

After doing the usability and functional research on drones, Pavel has figured out, that although guards are oblige-able, body is not. So why not to recompose the drone in a way that guards have all the vital components, getting rid of the body as the unneeded volume.

This required some creative recomposing and custom batteries, but the result has bet all the expectations.

This is the real innovation in drones since the long time. 

Propel_Inverter_Drone_Top_01.jpg Propel_Inverter_Drone_Bottom_01.jpg 2017-11-02_14-58-41.png 2017-11-02_15-02-44.png 2017-11-02_15-02-20.png