0 Modular capsule controller / Propel | ROSPROMDESIGN

This controller is designed in a modular way, when just one piece is produced and supplied with a drone, and another piece, which is the same, can be obtained by the customer afterwards, adding functionality and allowing more precise controls of the drone.


  • Modern styling
  • Modular design
  • Adjustable controls
  • Wireless connectivity
  • “Make one – sell two” concept
  • AA-battery format allows for easy maintenance
  • Silicone strap helps to get two pieces together when needed
Propel_Capsule_Controller_11-01-2018_Pavel-01.jpg Propel_Capsule_Controller_11-01-2018_Pavel-03.jpg Propel_Capsule_Controller_11-01-2018_Pavel-04.jpg Propel_Capsule_Controller_11-01-2018_Pavel-02.jpg